Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hey Mark, can I borrow $20?

What a race! What a horse! What a story!

I'll be the first to admit that I was among the skeptics. I know he won his qualifiers and that he flashed :26.3 closing speed in his first two, but wasn't it fair to expect more out of last year's superhorse? Brian Sears certainly thought so. Maybe we all would've been less judgemental had we known of the multiple quarter cracks that were plaguing Sportswriter.

Jeff Boyd is Sportswriter's blacksmith and he's a friend of mine. I called him early last week looking for the scoop on Sportswriter's ailing tootsies. "Pete, he's going to win the North America Cup!" he told me. Neither of us would ever dare saying that loud enough for Ms. Coleman's ears to hear it because we'd have to listen to a tirade about her superstitions and blah, blah, blah. Women. "Seriously. I know he still didn't look perfect last week, but he really needed the stretching out that he got in the elim and I saw him today and he was acting like the Sports of old -- bouncing around in the cross ties, throwing his head around -- he's ready." Was he ever.

Besides the horse, I was happiest for Mark MacDonald. Listen, business is business and just as drivers are allowed to pick off of horses, it's supposed to be okay on the rare occasion that trainers and owners pick off of drivers. Still, the human side of me couldn't help but feel bad for Mark when it was announced he was getting the hook this year in favour of Brian Sears. It's funny how things go sometimes, isn't it?

This year's race saw a little more than an 11% increase in handle -- from $670,383 in '09 to $747,475 -- and the card's overall intake ($3,191,986) was just $51,287 less than last year's.

Congratulations to Jamie Smith from Prince Edward Island! "Smitty" was among those subscribers that chose Sportswriter to win The Cup and his name was chosen as the winner for dinner for two on THE PETE SHEETS. CDP or Summerside, Smitty? Thanks to all of you that participated.

Enjoy your Sunday and be sure to check tomorrow's blog for an important announcement!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pepsi North America Cup XXVII...

As I type this, there are only six hours until post time of what promises to be one of the greatest North America Cup races in history!

THE PETE SHEETS for tonight's Mohawk card have already been sent to subscribers, but it's not too late for you to get yours!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why Sportswriter will win The North America Cup...

I heard the same whispers of May as you did -- Sportswriter just wasn't Sportswriter anymore. Brian Sears sat behind him once and lost interest. Many others, including myself, did the same when he lost his seasonal bow to Kid Carson. His Burlington loss marked the first time he'd ever lost consecutive races. What had happened over the Winter? Where was the two year-old version of Sportswriter? Where was The Champ?

The events of this year's first five trips behind the gate started to make more sense to me when I learned of the serious quarter crack issues that were plaguing Sportswriter -- foot issues of Big Brown proportion. No foot, no horse, right? I couldn't help but think that maybe those first five weren't bad efforts after all.

He still looked somewhat uncomfortable during the post parade of last week's elim, but his performance in the race overshadowed those pre-race optics. He didn't win, but he sure deserved to after enduring the toughest trip of all of the race's top three finishers.

The post position draw and projected dynamics of Saturday's North America Cup Final are favourable to Sportswriter. With speed types on both his inside and outside, he's sure to find himself in mid pack in the early stages and it's hard not to imagine him having the beneficial cover of All Speed Hanover once the race takes shape. As good as he was last week, how much better will he be if such a trip materializes on Saturday? It feels like he's sitting on his biggest race of the season.

This year's North America Cup features the deepest and most contentious field that I can remember and I have no argument for anyone that might side with Fred And Ginger, Rock N Roll Heaven, All Speed Hanover or Kyle Major. Even One More Laugh is of above average talent and capable of winning with the right trip. My money will be on Sportswriter. The Champ is back...I think.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

I know it's long, but it's a must-read...

Pay attention -- PAY CLOSE ATTENTION! Today's post is a very, very important one because it is a commentary on the unmistakable progress that has been made within the industry within the past week.

In the context of my Wednesday June 9 post entitled, "Please, tell me I'm wrong!", I was quite critical of Chris Hickey and WEG's "Mohawk Racing Live" in-house broadcasts. It wasn't meant to be a personal attack on Chris -- I recognize that he's just like the rest of us that wake up each day with a job to go to. I simply thought that he and the rest of the broadcast team were capable of much better and the comments left by readers of this blog were suggestive of similar. There was no one more pleased than me when, within just a few days of my passionate plea, those overwhelming beliefs were confirmed. Coverage of last Saturday's Burlington card was much more informative and of much more interest than that of those which I had been so disapproving of earlier in the week. If you read Tuesday's post, you'll find that I was just as quick to praise Chris and WEG for the overnight, marked improvement that such criticism had so obviously given rise to.

I used the same post as a means of expressing my disappointment with the Ontario Racing Commission's "From The Stand" segment. I couldn't understand why a project with so much potential -- one which could easily be used as a means of addressing perception issues which have been universally agreed upon as having contributed to the sport's decline -- featured nothing more than discourse for uninteresting, inarguable, self-explanatory infractions. That format has since changed as well. Yesterday's "From The Stand" piece was absolutely fantastic! Horsemen and gamblers alike had several questions and wanted answers about the 7th Race from Grand River on May 31. After watching the race live and viewing the replay at least 20 times, even I was certain that Plante's bike had gone inside three pylons and that Keystone Gemini should've been disqualified. I read comments from one customer that was alive on a "pool shot" Pick Four with the runner-up (A Step Above) and he, too, was of the impression that the Judges had done him an injustice when they failed to change the order of finish. It is only as a result of yesterday's revelation , though, that it has become clear to one and all that the Judges got it absolutely right -- the bike's inside wheel hit the first pylon, was inside the second and hit the red pylon at the mouth of the passing lane -- none of which are violations.

The harness racing industry is replete with passionate people of diverse backgrounds -- tireless, hard-working grooms, grinding gamblers, dedicated drivers, breeders that fight to stay in business -- the list is endless. It's obvious that Peter Kyte isn't the only passionate person involved. If my own affection, however, leads me to saying or writing things that others misconstrue and take offense to, I apologize in advance. I'm not always right and few make more mistakes than me. I may even be too critical and too outspoken at times, but I'd rather be guilty of those offenses than be accused -- even if only by myself -- of complacency.

Feel free to detail your own thoughts in the comment space provided below.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

THE PETE SHEETS sweep first three, Montini and Baillargeon sweep Late Double...

I knew going into last night's card that THE PETE SHEETS' subscribers were either going to be real happy or real broke after the first three races from Mohawk and luckily it was the former. Actually, not luckily at all -- you've got to be good to be lucky. Rock Me Amastreos and Boogie Woogie combined for a $30.80 Double that THE PETE SHEETS had cold and when Outrageous Art won the 3rd, subscribers added the $26.60 Pick Three to their list of early winning bets. $26.60 isn't much, but neither is the dollar that a few emailed me to tell me they spent getting it! Way to go, gang!

Last week, I took a lot of heat for being critical of the broadcasts at WEG, but today I have to give credit where credit is due -- Chris Hickey is already asking much better questions of much more pertinent people and I'm certain that customers are just as cognisant and appreciative of the overnight improvement as I am. Kudos to Chris!

Seer Of Patmos continues to be "Public Enemy No. 1" -- he's torched more of the public's money in the last four weeks than Bernie Madoff! He's still a horse of unmistakable ability though and last night's aberration ensures he'll be offered at a much bigger price the next time he goes behind the gate. Those with the intestinal fortitude to go back to the big bay one more time will have a chance to get all of their money back in one race.

Tony Montini and Mario Baillargeon swept last night's Late Double with Adrenaline and Smokeys Luck. The former was a six-figure private purchase that has now won two of three for his new owners and would most certainly have picked up a cheque in the rich Upper Canada Cup Final if not for a very compromising trip. It's the job that Montini has done with Smokeys Luck in recent weeks that is most impressive. He had been just plain awful during most of his tenure in Montini's barn -- win-shy and uninterested -- until the last two weeks. Last night, he looked like Camluck himself and the marked improvement that the horse has shown is not lost upon me. Montini has transformed a horse that had long been a perpetual auto-toss from win candidacy into one that's now deserving of attention from fellow horsemen and bettors alike.

Last night's "Tweet with Pete" session on Twitter went better than I could've ever imagined. We'll do it again tonight, starting a few minutes before the opener at Georgian Downs. Setup your Twitter account and then follow "@THEPETESHEETS" to join in.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fog so thick it was blinding...

I know the fog was rather heavy in Campbellville last night, but I'm pretty sure I saw the 9th Race favourite, Mcaracas, get roller-derbied in the stretch by the eventual winner, Keystone Raptor. I have to admit, though -- my eyes aren't as good as they used to be now that I'm well into my 33rd year. Watch the replay on your next visit to Standardbred Canada's web site (which is ridiculously ironic) for yourself and arrive at your own opinion. It isn't that big of a deal, I suppose -- it was only a $100,000 event that handled $148,867 worth of customers' money -- a total that doesn't include the money taken in on the Late Pick Four or the Pick Threes that began in the 7th and the 8th. Yeah, never mind -- I mean, at least all of the drivers reported to their horses two minutes prior to the post parade.

I often find myself in hot water when I share my opinion about a sport for which I have unparalleled passion, so I'll leave committing such an offense to all of you. What do you think? Take the time to leave a comment below and I'll be sure to post those which don't contain vulgar language. Leave your name, too, and don't be apprehensive -- there's nothing to be afraid of. If there is an issue that requires further discussion, it's one of accountability, integrity and transparency and everyone involved in the sport of harness racing is in favour of accountability, integrity and transparency, right?

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No time to waste...

It's a busy day for THE PETE SHEETS with three tracks to cover, leaving little time for fartin' around on the blog!

Dreamfair Eternal is the 3-5 Morning Line favourite to win her elimination of The Ellamony at Flamboro this afternoon. The other elim, the day's 7th, is much more wide open and should be a hell of a race.

Three divisions of The Burlington Stakes steal the spotlight at Mohawk and THE PETE SHEETS provide comprehensive, in-depth analysis for all three races.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

The one that got away...

Typical, so typical.

Last week, THE PETE SHEETS identified Whirlwind as a Live Longshot after seeing her finish a very good 2nd to subsequent repeater, Francis, at Flamboro. As it turned out, the free-legged mare broke at the gate and lost all chance. She was 10-1. She did pace a big middle half while trying to make a recovery and I once again saw a lot of the hidden ability that led me to being interested in her in the first place.

So she's back in-to-go last night. Ouellette replacing the younger Zeron. Live Longshot status again. I wasn't about to give up on her just because of one aberration. As predicted, she was twice the price, so I liked her twice as much. The masses are so predictable.

As they were lining up behind the gate, I called out to my wife in the kitchen saying, "Honey, come watch -- this one's going to make THE PETE SHEETS famous!" She didn't come. Stayed in the kitchen. Good woman.

Luc gave her a great drive right from the get-go. Left for position, saved ground while tracking from 3rd. Heading to the far turn, she was positioned perfectly and I could see she was going to be able to slip out and take a run at the tiring leaders. I was playing catch driver from the couch like a real mongrel. "Where is she?", The General queried from the kitchen. "Second over, cannot lose!". Kiss of death.

In the clear and home and cooled in the stretch, this horse that I had built this relationship with over the past three weeks -- the one which, like a supportive parent, I stuck with even though she had made a bad mistake the week prior -- hung at crunch time and was picked up by another longshot.

So close. Too bad this is horseracing and not horseshoes.

Today's a busy day at THE PETE SHEETS Headquarters (the computer room at my house -- "Headquarters" just sounds so much better!). The Flamboro, Grand River and Mohawk versions of THE PETE SHEETS will be available later this afternoon.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

194 and 8...

Yesterday's post generated more interest than any before it on this blog -- 194 views and 8 comments from passionate, dedicated fans of harness racing -- proof that the sport is in fact not dead.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Please, tell me I'm wrong!

It's a good thing Gord Remmen isn't perceived to be a "problem trainer" because if he were, he'd have had some real splainin' to do last night when newcomer, Wrangler Payday, ran off in 1:50.4. Three-wide at the half, geared down at the wire -- he looked more like Somebeachsomewhere last night than the horse that paced in 1:54.2 while getting runover in a qualifier at the very same track about three weeks earlier. The horse had been keeping good company in Alberta, finishing behind Sixdaysontheroad a couple of times. Maybe the horse scoped sick after that qualifying effort? Maybe he was tied up? The extended time between the May 20 qualifier and last night's race leads me to believe something needed fixing. Maybe the horse had schooled since and was much better than he was in the qually? Maybe, maybe, maybe! With no pre or post-race interview, though, fans will never know. They will, however, be able to watch hosts throwing darts at a program page and be subjected to hearing completely asinine banter about Monday's program on Bet Night Live.

If last night's 4th didn't give rise to such reaction, maybe the 6th did. Here's a review of Gallantly's 2010 season:

8th, 9th, 10th, 9th (on the list for breaks), 6th, 3rd, 9th, 9th (on the list for breaks), 7th(on the list for breaks, Baillargeon private purchase), 6th (gets qualified), looks like Lucky Jim and runs off in 1:55.0 -- which would've been 1:53.4 if Mario didn't have the presence of mind to grab him in the stretch!

I've followed racing closely enough to know that the horse is likely to be night-and-day better in his first start for Team Baillargeon -- especially considering that he's a trotter. I'm in the minority, though. How are Mr. and Mrs. Jon Q Public (the majority) supposed to figure this one out? Can we blame them when they throw their arms in the air, convinced that the races are fixed? "That horse was 3-1 -- he should've been 30-1. Let's get out of here -- we've got no shot at beating this game!" Seriously.

Maybe I'm just a visionary, but wouldn't it have served a much better purpose if Chris Hickey had tracked down Ben in the paddock and asked him some hard questions about Gallantly rather than ask stupid questions of Rod Hughes (65-1-3-5 excluding San Pail) about auto-toss JCS Kadabra? I'm sorry, but there's nothing that Rod can say that is going to make anyone of right mind bet on JCS Kadabra. Luc said this and you added that? Great, good luck. Auto-toss. Now where's Ben? When did you get him? How'd he qualify? How'd he train? What about these equipment changes you've made? How do you think he'll be? Are you betting? I mean, come on!

Did you see anyone connected to the 40-1 horses being interviewed prior to this past weekend's Belmont Stakes? When you watch Game 7 of the World Series, do you want to hear from Alex Rodriguez or the Yankees' Bat Boy? It's the same thing, over and over and over and over again, every night! Two questions (of absolutely zero substance) and then, "Good luck with him!". It's like the Corey Giles interview of a few weeks ago -- Corey looked like he had just arrived at the track from an all-night ACDC concert and there he was -- on camera, exposed to the masses -- and all for the purpose of discussing 27-1 auto-toss, Toystar (who finished 8th)! Real informative. Real professional. Imagine what first-timers that were watching would perceive harness racing to be? The same first-timers that I keep hearing that harness racing needs in order to survive.

It just isn't right, you know -- the damage that such small oversights that no one else seems to want to talk or do anything about can have on our industry. Our customers aren't interested in hearing from low percentage trainers about 30-1 shots. Our customers aren't interested in the fractional times (that aren't even accurate) for the first eighth. Our customers aren't interested in a From The Stand feature that explains why a horse that nearly knocks another down in the first turn gets disqualified. Our customers aren't interested in Laura Diakun throwing darts and picking horseys with cute names. And they most certainly aren't interested in watching or hearing Sandy Hawley -- a Canadian sports icon -- struggle through trying to pretend he knows anything about harness racing. Racing is about gambling and the sooner everyone figures that out and takes steps towards catering to the real wants and needs of gamblers -- past, present or future -- the better off harness racing will be.

Please, tell me I'm wrong...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Back to the grind...

Dreamfair Eternal's 1:49.4 victory in the $160,000 Artiscape was the perfect ending to a great weekend at Tioga Downs. If you've never been to the little track in Nichols, New York, I suggest you add it to your list of tracks to visit this Summer.

I was thrilled to receive the emails that I did from subscribers that had a good Saturday with THE PETE SHEETS. Two Pick Fours in one day! Don't count on that happening too often!

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

No rest for the wicked...

It's just past one o'clock in the morning and I'm on the couch at Jason Settlemoir's house in Athens, Pennsylvania, just a few minutes from one of my favourite places in the world -- Tioga Downs. It's been far too long of a day to even think about doing anymore work right now, but check back before noon and I'll have posted something.

Until then...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Epiphanies come at the strangest of times...

The online dictionary that I resourced defines an epiphany as "the sudden realization or comprehension of the (larger) essence or meaning of something. The term is used in either a philosophical or literal sense to signify that the claimant has 'found the last piece of the puzzle and now sees the whole picture,' or has new information or experience, often insignificant by itself, that illuminates a deeper or numinous foundational frame of reference.'" Big words, I know -- bear with me.

I had an epiphany last night. My wife and mother had a monopoly on the television and with a replay of The Bacholerette being their show of choice, my choice was easy -- go to bed and watch Sportsnet Connected!

The studio host threw to Jamie Campbell at the Rogers Centre where he was joined by Jeff Blair of The Globe And Mail. Upon asking the columnist about his thoughts on the blown call in the Armando Galarraga perfect game, Blair, without mixing words, said that umpire Jim Joyce "blew the call" and elaborated that last night's was another of many recent blown calls by MLB umpires and that the league needed to take a proactive approach to ending the recent wave of incompetence. He said the fans deserved better, as did the participants and the game in general. Later in the conversation, one of the two made mention that Joyce had actually contacted Galarraga and the Tigers after the game and apologized for making a mistake. He apologized to the fans as well.

(Here's the epiphany part) Our sport has none of this! There are no post-race interviews (of any substance, anyway) with anyone -- officials or participants -- and straight talk similar to that which Jeff Blair offered is actually frowned upon! (I do it anyway and both the handle and purses were up at Western Fair this year, as was the product's popularity. Interesting, isn't it?) Why aren't our players and umpires subjected to a few questions before heading home? Our fans (gamblers) spend their monies on our product, just as those that buy a ticket, hot dog and a pretzel at a baseball game do. Why shouldn't questions from our fans be answered?

Everyone in our industry seems to be able to identify that our sport has perception issues, but few seem interested in taking the necessary, real steps toward managing them. I thought the new "From The Stand" feature was a step in the right direction, but it's obvious just a few months in that it doesn't do the job because it doesn't address the real issues. Few fans are ever left in wonderment about why a horse is placed back for a lapped-on break at the wire and they have similar disinterest for the many other blatantly obvious, indisputable examples that have been provided in the segment since its inception. There have been and will continue to be incidents of much more controversy and interest that are conveniently excluded from discussion even though they would inspire much more interest and do much more for bettering public perception. Talk about stacking the deck. What a wasted opportunity.

Am I the only one that reads the comments made by our fans on In the last two weeks, there are pages and pages worth of complaints about Seer Of Patmos and no one has said a word or done a thing to appease them. The horse was the odds on favourite in each of his last two races at Mohawk and he wasn't even involved in either of them until late in the mile. I'm able to recognize that such results have materialized because of trip circumstances and other unforeseen race eventualities of the past two weeks, but the majority of our customers figure that Chris Christoforou's been "stiffing" him and that the races are "fixed"! Instead of having Chris Hickey ask Corey Giles the typically robotic two questions before wishing him good luck with 439-1 shot Toystar, send him over to Christoforou and ask him what the hell happened? If you want to give him a race or two so that the questions aren't taken to be accusations of wrongdoing, that's fine, but at some point before the card is over, make the driver explain what took place -- explain to the fans exactly why the horse was 20th by 28 lengths at the head of the stretch two weeks ago and then hopelessly trapped-in at the rail this week. Fans may not like the answers -- they might not even believe what Christoforou has to say -- but if just one of them that would have otherwise roared "shhtifffff" is enlightened as to what really took place, the purpose of the discussion is served.

Jim Leyland, the Tigers' Manager, was on the field (understandably) going bezerk last night after Jim Joyce made the errant call. After the game, though, upon hearing that Joyce admitted he was wrong, Leyland calmly commented that, "he made a mistake, he's human." I even read a story this morning that told of Leyland encouraging Tiger fans to cheer for, not boo, Joyce today when he takes the field for today's series finale against the Cleveland Indians. Do you think Leyland would have had the same response if Joyce hadn't admitted his mistake? Do you think the mistake would be the relatively dead issue that it is today had such not taken place? No and no. The manner in which both sides handled the incident is proof of what is possible when parties with shared goals put their egos and agendas aside and put their heads together while working toward a common goal.

What's your opinion? Email feedback to or simply poste a comment on this blog.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Monday recap...

Through the night, I received several requests from folks wanting me to talk about an incident in the 7th at Grand River last night. I've given it much thought and just feel like my own interests and the industry as a whole are better served by letting the cards fall where they will without getting involved. Mistakes happen, everyone's human. I'm sure the powers that be will take the steps necessary to both manage public perception and ensure that such never happens again. I know that doesn't do much for the customer that would've taken down the entire Pick Four pool had A Step Above been placed 1st, but there isn't much any of us can do about that now. Onto happier news...

THE PETE SHEETS added four new subscribers to the mailing list yesterday. Tom Curtis, Dave Gilders, Jim Mills and Santo Vena. Welcome to the the team, lads, and thanks for the support.

Many of you will recognize Dave's name as he worked in the Race Office at Mohawk for 426 years and in his present fossilized state, is plying his trade at Kawartha Downs. The latter gentleman's name is familiar to fans of Canadian harness racing as well -- Santo is the owner of Open trotter, Sakic Seelster.

It's such a small world, isn't it? Tom Curtis is a person from my past that I hadn't seen or talked to in years (like 18, maybe) until the other night at Georgian Downs. Tom was one of my teachers in high school! St. Thomas More in Hamilton! I can remember Tom being very involved with highschool sports, but the class that I most remember him teaching was Religion. Don't ask me what the (place where the Devil resides) a religion teacher is doing at the track, but we'll take whichever fans we can get at this point! Anyway, Tom is neighbours with one of Haul Away's owners and as I stood watching them all celebrate the other night, this familiar face walked up and shook my hand and, at the risk of sounding corny (one of my new favourite words thanks to Simon Cowell), it brought back a lot of good memories and really made my night. He followed up with me yesterday and now he's been added to the mailing list. Good times.

Anyway, enough with the emotional crap. Last night, THE PETE SHEETS once again proved to be the most informative and accurate product of its kind. At Grand River, the 5th's predicted exactor of Suzys Solitaire and Big Changes paid $15.10 and the triactor and superfecta pays were healty, too, returning $274.70 and $1380.10 respectively. Not only did THE PETE SHEETS beat the heavily-favoured Boss Outlaw in the 6th, but gave you the 5-1 winner of the race, Winbak Fund. The two combined for a near-$60 exactor!

For me, the highlight of the night at Mohawk was Competition Cam's finishing up the track in the 2nd. While the Horseplayer's Journal and the track's other experts were busy touting the short-priced phony, THE PETE SHEETS had him figured out to a tee:

Here's the night's first Overbet Alert: 4-COMPETITION CAM. Did he race alright last week? Yes. Did he race super? No. Can he win tonight? I suppose. Is he the kind of horse that you should be anxious to take a greatly-reduced price on? Absolutely not!

He was dismissed at 21-1 last week and as a result of his dressed up, 3rd-place finish, he's going to be 7-2 or less tonight and the often unpredictable Mohawk masses just might make him the favourite. No thanks. He gapped the gate last week and then never moved off the rail until the top of the stretch, after which he did make up some ground, but there are plenty of horses that can do that with such a trip. The information that the past performance line doesn't give you is that he was bearing in repeatedly while making his mild, late move, so much so that MacArthur had to correct him a few times. His previous start at Flamboro, too, is dressed up in nature -- the line looks good, but the reality is that he was outfinished by runner-up, Harnessnitencanada, a horse that would be 20-1 in this race.

Listen -- this is a relatively weak maiden field and so I suppose he can win, but I wouldn't be betting on it at tonight's appreciably shorter price. He impresses me as the kind of horse that'll eventually break his maiden at one of the "B" tracks. Time will tell. All in all, this seems like one of those deep and contentious "trap" races that anyone serious about making money at the track is supposed to pass.

This is the kind of information that one gets when s/he chooses THE PETE SHEETS, information that is arrived at through hours and hours of watching replays, doing research and other homework.

Hear that, Mr. Curtis -- homework!

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Until tomorrow...