Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why Sportswriter will win The North America Cup...

I heard the same whispers of May as you did -- Sportswriter just wasn't Sportswriter anymore. Brian Sears sat behind him once and lost interest. Many others, including myself, did the same when he lost his seasonal bow to Kid Carson. His Burlington loss marked the first time he'd ever lost consecutive races. What had happened over the Winter? Where was the two year-old version of Sportswriter? Where was The Champ?

The events of this year's first five trips behind the gate started to make more sense to me when I learned of the serious quarter crack issues that were plaguing Sportswriter -- foot issues of Big Brown proportion. No foot, no horse, right? I couldn't help but think that maybe those first five weren't bad efforts after all.

He still looked somewhat uncomfortable during the post parade of last week's elim, but his performance in the race overshadowed those pre-race optics. He didn't win, but he sure deserved to after enduring the toughest trip of all of the race's top three finishers.

The post position draw and projected dynamics of Saturday's North America Cup Final are favourable to Sportswriter. With speed types on both his inside and outside, he's sure to find himself in mid pack in the early stages and it's hard not to imagine him having the beneficial cover of All Speed Hanover once the race takes shape. As good as he was last week, how much better will he be if such a trip materializes on Saturday? It feels like he's sitting on his biggest race of the season.

This year's North America Cup features the deepest and most contentious field that I can remember and I have no argument for anyone that might side with Fred And Ginger, Rock N Roll Heaven, All Speed Hanover or Kyle Major. Even One More Laugh is of above average talent and capable of winning with the right trip. My money will be on Sportswriter. The Champ is back...I think.

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  1. a mile like last weeks with his feet issues are sure to take a toll...he was phenomenal last week...maybe a week too early...

  2. if he's on all speeds back top of lane he will never pass him pete.

  3. “His feet are awesome,” Coleman told Trot Insider at Tuesday’s post draw, noting that her colt went a training trip that morning and came out of it in great shape. “I’ve been going to the Mohawk spa and I give them all of the credit. That’s one thing I have not used a whole lot; but that sea salt spa, I’ve been using it [with Sportswriter] and it’s really calmed his feet down and got the heat out of them. He’s got his steel shoes back on, which the horse appreciates and he came out of his race very sound this week. He’s ready to rock.”