Friday, May 7, 2010

DO cry for me Argentina!

Friends, at some point today I want you to shed a tear for me.

I stayed up all night. All night. I did THE PETE SHEETS for Flamboro. I did THE PETE SHEETS for Woodbine.

I just (noon) put the finishing touches on THE PETE SHEETS for Western Fair. My three absolute best products ever. I was so proud.

With one wrong click I saved "LONMay7" over top of "WDBMay7" which erased seven hours worth of work on tonight's version of THE PETE SHEETS for Woodbine. If I wasn't so dehydrated and exhausted I would have cried. Anyway, tonight's Beatable Favorites are ELLEOFNXAMPLE (1st) and FRECKLY SARA (5th). The Most Probable Winners are PLAY AT WYNN (3rd) and WINDSUN COUNTESS (5th). Two Live Longshots appear to be STRIDER (8th) and INSIDER TIP (10th). What a sin. Seven hours, two XL2C1S, one Red Bull and 426 Player's Smooth Regulars. Hey - that gives me an idea about those sponsors I've been looking for! See that? Out of everything bad comes something good!

Allow me to change the subject by thanking all of you that sent in your guesses to yesterday's question:

How many views will receive by the end of today (11:59pm)?

The answer is 56 (we're already up to 31 today!). Congratulations to Scott Wilcox of Brantford for having the closest guess (50). I'll be in touch, Scott.

Did you watch Woodbine's races last night? Good product last night, boy. The bet shrunk a little from Monday's gargantuan handle of $1,452,022 but last night's intake of $1,149,593 was just about at par with the average handle of the five Thursdays in April ($1,195,217).

NOW YOU SEE HIM won his seventh of his last eight for trainer/driver Rick Zeron and owner Percy Elkins.

COWBOYS DREAMER won the Princess Pacing Series Final though she didn't do it as easily as I thought she was going to as the field turned for home. A win is a win, I suppose.

Did you see Gregg McNair's three year-old trotting colt, RODEO, make his seasonal debut in the 6th? Wow! I know he didn't beat much but he did it with such condescending ease that it must be hard for his connections to not be cautiously optimistic about the upcoming Ontario Sires Stakes season. The son of Kadabra has been added to THE PETE SHEETS' Watch List.

Lis Mara's three year-old, three-quarter sister, LISMOREBELLA had a winning debut last night. Paul Macdonnell gave her a perfect drive. By racing her as he did, she got the education that horsemen are always looking for their youngsters to have in their initial starts and at the same time, she didn't let the betting public down either. Great work, Paul!

Here's recap of how last night's version of THE PETE SHEETS for Woodbine did:

Hooked $240 after the first two sets of mythical wagers...

Total investment: $140

Total investment: $100

...but then things started coming around...

$5 Pick Four 8 with 8 with 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 with 6
Total investment: $45

$1 Pick Four 8/8/6/6 paid $111.60
Total winnings: $558
Total profit: $513.00
Overall +/-: +$273.00

Total investment: $100
Total winnings: $240.00
Total profit: $$140
Overall +/-: $413

Last mythical wager of the night...

$0.20 Pick Four 1,2,4,6,7,9,10 with 1,2,4,5 with 2,4,5 with 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9
Total investment: $134.40

URBAN RAINFOREST won the opening leg at 14-1 but R E O SPEEDRAGON didn't prove beatable after all in the 9th. In hindsight, her open lengths win impresses me as being more of a reflection of the mediocrity of the horses she was in against than her being a horse worthy of the attention she received in win-based bets. Tough to beat Team Coleman, though. I'll try again next week.

THE PETE SHEETS' bets yielded a profit of $278.60 tonight. Two of the three horses that THE PETE SHEETS identified as beatable favorites were. While R E O SPEEDDRAGON won, MISSNAMARAS and IM ALL IN each took plenty of support in their races and missed the board. Both of THE PETE SHEETS' Most Probable Winners (NOW YOU SEE HIM and COWBOYS DREAMER) won. THE PETE SHEETS' Live Longshot, SEALCREST PENNY, broke at the start in the 1st and proved to be not that live after all! Good old cement head, I mean hands.

That's about all I have to tell you today. Keep those emails coming! I'm printing them all off and including them in next week's presentation package under the heading "Testimonials", which loosely translates into "Friends That Lie On My Behalf".

So yeah, no Woodbine version of THE PETE SHEETS for tonight but Flamboro and Western Fair's are available for you "B" track fans. There are some can't miss opportunities tonight and they're all outlined for you in THE PETE SHEETS so email a request for your own copy to Be sure to specify which version(s) you're interested in. With the help of THE PETE SHEETS, by this time tomorrow, you'll be treating the wife to a Super Sized McNuggets Meal rather than the typical, regular sized one that losers buy for their wives.

Now you can find us on Facebook! I haven't even seen it myself, but Courtney Yake tells me that it's up and going and that we just need to add some bells and whistles to make it extra special. Will you be my friend?

Infinite thanks to all of you that have sent emails, private messages, texts, smoke signals, etc. (one customer even had a plane fly a sign over my house!) offering feedback and support for this project. Keep them coming. They keep me going.

Enjoy the races, gang...

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  1. Missnamaras is definitely on a downward spiral. The only thing she has accomplished in the last couple weeks is dragging down Shawn's lofty .462 average.
    I thought Luc's filly was ok..they set up huge fractions for her, and she didn't have that explosive kick that you would expect with that trip; but like you said, she did get the job done.
    I wouldn't touch Lismorebella with a stick next start... she was all out to get the job done and had Luc's Swifty running her over..maybe a beatable chalk for The Pete Sheets next week!
    I haven't had a chance to look at the bibles for tonight due to an overwhelming supply of dirty diapers, but I'm sure the Pete Sheets might offer some support for whatever my dart hits tonight.
    Take care,

    Louis S.
    Handicapper/Mail Courier/Fan
    Windsor, Ontario