Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday morning musings...

It's been a few weeks since my last blog post and I have a lot to talk about.

While there haven't been any posts or actual SHEETS circulating for a few weeks, things are as busy as ever here at headquarters. The web site is only a few days away from being complete and is expected to launch next week once I'm back from Newfoundland and Fort Erie.

Initial sponsorship of the project is better than I had expected. Thanks to Great Canadian Gaming,, Tickets Etc. Inc. and Clinton Raceway for being the first to support the project. More is needed. This free blog has quickly become a daily destination for racing and gambling enthusiasts who aren't afraid to spend money and the viewership is expected to triple once the actual web site is active. Since this project is just getting off of the ground, advertising rates are almost unreasonably moderate considering the tremendous opportunities of sales promotion offered by Connect with your target audience. Maximize advertising dollars. See the results. For more information, please contact Peter Kyte at 226-374-4874 or

Did you get this month's edition of Trot Magazine yet? Take your eyes off of the beautiful Riina long enough to read Darryl Kaplan's editorial. I thoroughly enjoyed it because I found his opinion to be very similar to that of mine which I shared in my "Please, tell me I'm wrong" post of Wednesday June 9. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section at the end of this post.

Sportswriter and the rest of this year's deep group of three year-old colts come together at The Meadowlands tomorrow night for three eliminations of The Meadowlands Pace. The North America Cup Champ is in the third elimination, Race 6 on the program. Post time is 8:40pm. The second elimination, the night's 5th Race, is by far the most shallow of the three but if Lou Pena's new recruit, Nova Artist, wins, you can be sure that it may just end up being the most talked about of the three! I think the horse is inferior to both Rockin Image and Ideal Matters, but can't rule out any horse sent forth by the sport's latest Super Trainer. I'll have more insight for you in tomorrow's Meadowlands Pace version of THE PETE SHEETS.

I'll be at Georgian Downs on Saturday night handling the handicapping duties for their Gold Rush card. Four Gold Series Finals, four Masters Series Finals, 12 races in total -- it's going to be one hell of a night and I hope you're making plans to be in attendance.

First thing Sunday morning, myself and several local drivers are flying to Newfoundland to St. John's Racing & Entertainment Centre to participate in this year's Canadian Drivers Showcase. I'm really looking forward to it and am flattered to be invited. I'll have a full report with pictures on the blog once I'm back in Ontario. Thanks to Greg Blanchard for covering for me at Fort Erie. Greg is among the best announcer's there are but doesn't get as much exposure as others, so I hope you'll tune in to The Fort's Sunday card to hear him!

That's all for today. THE PETE SHEETS for tomorrow cover racing from Flamboro, Georgian, Mohawk and the three Meadowlands Pace elims. If you aren't already a subscriber and would like to receive the free product, send an email requesting your inclusion to

Until tomorrow...


  1. Keep up the good work Pete....the sheets are always an enjoyable read.

  2. Thank God the shepherd's back - the flock's being eaten alive by the ravenous wolves! Maybe you can explain to me how Smokin Dabra absolutely gutted a field tonight at 12-1 while being one of the lowest "wlll pays" in the P3. I'm inconsolable after that horror.